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Humidity Acoustic Accessories

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Air Vent, Regulated Humidity Acoustic
90000648 Filter, Pack for DV250 Entro Pk=10 x F7
90000649 Filter, Pack for DV300/400 Entro Pk=10 x F7


More than 60 years of experience

Airflow has grown since 1955 from one mans knowledge in the fields of fan design and airflow measurement into a thriving international group, renowned for its innovative approach in developing new products and techniques for moving air.

Based in High Wycombe, where our founder started the business, we now span the world with subsidiaries in Germany and the Czech Republic and overseas distributors from Norway to New Zealand.

With knowledgeable and committed staff we are constantly striving to develop new, innovative solutions which raise standards and provide reliable, long term solutions for the stringent demands of our ever changing world.

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