Norwich Car Park



  • T5 Solution using 4ft and 5ft 100%-10% dimmable wireless controlled luminaires. The mix of 28w and 49w fittings maximised energy savings while providing a uniform fitting type across the site. 
  • All emergency fittings supplied report back to the tablet allowing accurate fault finding and a reduced maintenance solution. 
  • Fittings reduced from 1267 to 916. 

An recent electricity invoice confirmed that the site was achieving a £9,000 monthly saving year on year and fully in line with the projected savings. 

An evolving solution….. 

The flexibility of the wireless system has allowed floors to be reconfigured since the initial commissioning process. This has involved turning fittings off at the back of the car parking bays to increase the energy savings even further. Bay lighting is now only illuminated when required while driving aisle lighting remains at 10% even when unoccupied. This provides the optimum solution achieving the difficult balance of illuminating the car park, providing a feeling of security whilst maximising energy savings.