Bracknell Offices



  • LED Solution using 600x600 100%-10%-0% dimmable wireless controlled luminaires. The 40w fittings maximised energy savings while providing a uniform fitting type across the site. The design of the fitting was altered to allow for a half moon diffuser over the LED array rather than the standard flat diffuser. This increased efficiency by 15%. 
  • Self testing emergency luminaires. All emergency fittings supplied report back to the tablet allowing accurate fault finding and a reduced maintenance solution. 
  • One for one fitting replacement. 
  • A self-delivered install through the facilities management company with bespoke solutions for the site. A terminal block was installed on the back of the fitting to allow for a quick and uniform install. A final meeting determined an achievable installation timetable with regular deliveries ensuring the office was able to remain open with minimal impact on the client experience. 

An evolving solution….. 

The flexibility of the wireless system in conjunction with bespoke luminaire diffuser design has allowed floors to be reconfigured since the initial commissioning process. This has involved turning the output of the fittings down during the commissioning process. Luminaires were originally supplied at 85% output and have since been turned down to 70%. This has increased the achievable energy savings with the added benefit of under running the LEDs and driver. This provides the optimum solution achieving the difficult balance of illuminating the office to the required level whilst maximising energy savings.