Case Study: Treacy's Hotel




“The new heat provides a lovely, very comfortable heat and ambient feel”

Anton Treacy

Today in the Rointe Blog we are going to talk about one of our testimonials. In this interview with the hotel owners we talked about the advantages that the D Series Range offers to a hotel. Anton Treacy, director at Treacy´s Hotel in Wexford, Ireland explains to us his experience with the D Series with Delta Ultimate Technology radiators that he has installed in over 35 rooms in his hotel.

What system did you used to have? 

Storage Heater

What do you think about Rointe Radiators? Are you happy with our service and the results?

A very good service and backup with a good local distributor in Ireland. Great product.

Would you point out any special features about them that you are especially impressed by?

Controllability, appearance and quickly up to temperature.


Do you believe that having a centralized controllability of each of the rooms has reduced the electrical consumption?

The central control from our reception is vital as we can control out of use times.

Have you noticed a better, comfortable heat with the new low consumption Rointe Digital System?

The new heat provides a lovely, very comfortable heat and ambient feel.


Did you get any positive feedback from any of your guests yet?

Yes, very positive  overall regarding comfort.

Is there anything that you would improve about your product?


Would you recommend it?

Yes most definitely. It is an efficient, comfortable, aesthetic and user-friendly system offering excellent value.