Nuffiled Health club


Project background
Nuffield Health had a vision to freshen up their health clubs and create an environment that would appeal to a wider customer base. Chichester was the first site to have the new facelift and use lighting to enhance the different areas of the club.

Project brief
A low energy lighting solution was required, focusing on LED lighting, to reduce both the carbon foot print and the energy consumption of the club.

Which products were used?
36W CombiLED RGB colourwash floodlights were mounted high around the perimeter walls of the double-height swimming pool space, projecting a wash of light onto the ceiling and back down across the surface of the pool. These were sequenced to colour-change on a continuous cycle providing a range of ambient colours.

13W CombiLED Aqua submersible floodlights created pools of light around the walkways edging the pool to create added interest.
Fireguard LED7 downlights were mounted into a suspended ‘cloud’ in the front of house reception area to create a welcoming atmosphere. They were also used in the rest area around the pool due to their IP65 rating.
Aztek LED spotlights were used above the coffee bar and restaurant area to highlight the counter and coffee bar.

Why JCC?
The wide range of LED products that JCC offers provided Nuffield Health with the perfect solution to each area of their facilities. The combination of accent lighting, coloured RBG colour-changing floods and high output LED downlights enhanced the different zones around the club and saved on energy usage and running costs.