Revved up lighting at new Honda Showroom


Project background
Honda motorcycles are renowned for their high quality engineering and classy, understated design and these principles are reflected in the design of the new Honda motorcycle dealership in Chichester.

Project brief
With a large glass frontage, allowing a high level of daylight into the showroom, and gloss white ceiling tiles, a minimalist and clean luminaire was needed to complete the designer’s vision for the space.

Which products were used?
JCC’s Skytile, with its evenly lit optic and high quality LED's, was selected to provide this clean and unobtrusive solution.

Illumination of the motorcycles was the most important factor and Skytile produces great vertical illumination due to its highly controlled light output, enabling customers to clearly see intricate detailing on the motorcycles. The constant and accurate colour temperature of the light emitted renders the colours of the paintwork reliably, which was particularly important in the open workshop area.

Why JCC?
In addition to meeting the visual aesthetic, JCC’s Skytile is incredibly efficient with an LOR of almost 100% meaning that fewer luminaires were needed to achieve the 500 lux average required.

JCC only use the highest quality LED's resulting in an expected luminaire life of at least 10 years; ensuring a maintenance free installation and therefore eliminating the cost and inconvenience of lamp replacements.