Shell Petrol Station in Hungary


Petrol Station Lighting

GE replaced a Shell petrol station's old indoor and outdoor luminaires for a modern, energy efficient LED solution, what provides focused, high quality lighting and results less energy consumption at the whole service station. 

Location: M3 motorway, Hungary see on map

Date: 2015

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Our Client

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. The group is present in more than 70 countries and employs over 92,000 people. The company operates 43,000 gas-stations, 30 oil refineries and chemical plants globally. Shell Hungary Zrt. has been present in Hungary since 1925, and currently the company operates 199 petrol-stations, employing 185 people. Its business activities consist of the wholesale and retail of fuel, the sale of lubricants and natural gas.

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Shell decided to modernize the lighting system of the company's petrol-station located at the M3 motorway. In order to upgrade the lighting of the petrol-station's shop and parking area, the company sought a solution that does not only provide high quality lighting, but is also efficient enough to reduce the station's lighting energy consumption by over 50 percent.

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Solution, results and benefits

Under the project GE replaced the petrol station's previous luminaries with modern and energy efficient LED lightings. This solution enabled a significant reduction of the energy costs and CO2 emission caused by the station's previous lighting system. Due to the cutting edge LED lighting installed at the service station, energy costs are expected to be cut by 50 percent compared to the previous lighting system, whilst the parking area's new lighting fixtures could enable a 75 percent reduction of energy costs. 

With the new technology, fixtures can be replaced in modules, which decreases maintenance time and costs. Thanks to the development, the quality of the shop and the parking area's lighting improved spectacularly. The LED lighting illuminates the indoor area and the products, while the brighter and pleasant illumination improves the overall consumer experience. The LED fixtures installed in the parking lot spread the light in the focus area in line with demands and expectations, ensuring an even safer operation of the petrol station than previously.

Products and technologies used

During the project, the lighting was replaced in the Shell petrol station's shop and parking area. To lighten the shop area Infusion LED Downlighter fixtures were used, while the parking area was equipped with ALIx lighting fixtures.

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Shop in a new light

"The upgrade of the lighting systems is a significant step in the development of our M3 petrol station. The new LED lightings are environment-friendly, energy efficient therefore they meet the expectations of the 21th century while offering a bright and friendly illumination for our customers.” said István Tankó, FMC/PMC Engineer at Shell Hungary Zrt.