Lukoil Petrol Stations Russia: A Unique and Pioneering Retail Experience



Our Customer 

LUKOIL is the largest privately owned oil and gas company in the world, with 5,867 petrol stations and 166 oil depots in 27 countries. With over 150,000 employees LUKOIL aims to support long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress in the regions it operates in. Through its own chain of petrol stations, LUKOIL supplies high quality fuel and consumer goods to its customers. In particular, LUKOIL has 2,424 petrol stations (including franchises) in Russia, 249 of which are in the Moscow, Tver and Smolensk regions. 

The Expectation

Seeking to explore a whole new petrol station concept, LUKOIL wanted to upgrade its current lighting system to a solution which would deliver a completely unique and pioneering retail experience. Key requirements for this new vision were: increased visibility from the road; improved visibility for motorists and customers using the services; significant energy efficiency improvements; better reliability and improved lifespan performance. Oxana Kruglova, deputy director on capital construction and development at LUKOIL-Centernefteproduct, commented: “We recognise the important role that lighting has to play in our service offering: it contributes tremendously to the safety and retail experience of our customers and is an integral tool in our branding and franchise consistency. With this in mind, we were keen to re-imagine the expectations of petrol station lighting and therefore required a solutions provider who was willing to journey with us to accomplish something new and innovative.” 


The Solution 

To achieve LUKOIL's ambitious goals, GE Lighting partnered with the company at a grass-roots level to provide a completely bespoke and pioneering solution. GE Lighting began the process by listening to LUKOIL's requirements and vision for its estate, helping to refine LUKOIL's needs into exact outcomes. Building on this insight, GE Lighting then carried out a detailed lighting audit. In collaboration with LUKOIL specialists, GE Lighting looked at the requirements from LUKIOL's brand book and combined them with modern European standards for petrol station lighting to design a brand new canopy fixture, tailored perfectly for LUKOIL's requirements – the AMIx. Producing 3D models and involving LUKOIL in the design process, GE Lighting provided a full turnkey solution that was unique to LUKOIL, meeting its goals for a new petrol station concept. 


Results and Benefits 

The project has delivered massive energy savings and, because of the long life span and quality of the bespoke solution, will continue to do so for many years to come. It has provided a safer worker environment for LUKOIL employees and customers and, importantly, an improved, uniform light that contributes to a consistent brand across its estate. “We are so impressed by the way GE Lighting has partnered with us to create a unique solution to our requirements, resulting in an innovative lighting system that delivers better safety and a much improved retail experience,” continued Oxana Kruglova. “GE Lighting's extensive testing and development and warranty for this solution has given us the confidence that the lighting installation will more than cope with our usage requirements and the environmental factors. It has also ensured that we can keep on-going costs and disruption to services to an absolute minimum, which was a key factor on a project of this scale.” The bespoke solution has so far been installed at 13 LUKOIL petrol stations with a view to rolling out the retrofit across a larger proportion of its estate in the near future. The average energy consumption for each petrol station, including indoor and outdoor lighting, is approximately 5kW. 


Products and Technologies Used 

The AMIx is an extremely efficient low and mid-bay LED canopy fixture that has been developed to cope with the aggressive conditions often experienced by outdoor applications such as petrol stations, parking garages, industrial areas and floodlighting. With a functioning ambient temperature range of -40°C to +50°C and benefitting from an IP65 rating for its optical and electrical compartment, plus an IK08 rating for its housing, the AMIx has the build quality to ensure durable performance. The pre-cabling design also allows for quick and easy installation. What's more, the AMIx incorporates GE Lighting's advanced optical reflector technology, which enables precise control over the direction and level of illumination. This high level of control ensures minimal light loss and increases efficiency of the energy used by the fixture, it also reduces glare, which enhances the safety of users – a key consideration for LUKOIL. The rated life of the AMIx is an impressive 220,000 hours at L70, keeping maintenance requirements and expenditure to a minimum. The AMIx fixture is fully compatible with industry standards for control systems (DALI or 0-10V) and can also be equipped with internal sensors for ambient light and presence detection.

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