What is Eye-Wi



Eye-Wi is a unique control system which brings the benefits of DALI and BMS systems within reach of all types of lighting and size of project. Previously, integrated control systems have been costly to install, maintain and manage. Eye-Wi has revolutionised the market with three features and benefits. 

Wireless Linking - the benefits of grouped control have long been recognised but have not always been easy or possible to implement. Individual sensor and dimming control maximises energy savings but does not allow a whole car park driving aisle or office to be controlled. Grouped operation allows for this but cannot cross circuit or phase. Additionally, existing cabling may be inaccessible increasing install cost. Eye-Wi is different, all it requires is a live, neutral and earth. No additional control wiring and a de skilled installation. It is simply a one down one up procedure resulting in grouped control. All luminaires contain a sensor and wireless control box and links are implemented on a tablet. No head end PC or hub is required. It is truly the lowest cost grouped system available. 

Emergency Monitoring - Eye-Wi uses a self test emergency system which reports back to the tablet. Emergency testing is now as simple as reviewing a PDF output rather than the traditional key switch system. Time saving at the point of test is evident, however, because the location and nature of any fault is pinpointed on the tablet maintenance becomes more efficient and luminaire faults are rectified before they become an issue. 

Energy Monitoring - Eye-Wi allows you to control the outputs of each luminaire or group of luminaires maximising energy savings at all times. As an added benefit, under running of luminaire drivers and LEDs will only extend service life of the fittings. 

Energy use per fitting, per room or per site is possible with end clients able to monitor their real time lighting usage. From this, groups can be made smaller, wattages reduced and dimming settings altered all from the tablet with no rewiring costs. 

Why go Eye-Wi? A summary: 

  • No additional wiring required for grouped operation 
  • No additional wiring required for new emergency lighting 
  • No knowledge of the existing wiring required 
    - ​Control can be provided by almost any type of sensor 
  • Groups can be overlapped for multiple configurations on the same luminaires 
  • Centralised reporting to the tablet of emergency failures 
  • Centralised occupancy reports to the tablet 
  • Site reconfiguration of luminaires as required