Oslo Airport



Eldon’s high quality, competitive pricing and delivery reliability helped make the company’s electrical enclosures the ideal choice for Satema Moelv AS, when it competed for the major project at Oslo Airport, in Norway.

Norwegian electrical switchgear manufacturer, Satema Moelv AS, overcame fierce competition to win a huge NOK 36M contract to supply electrical panels for the construction of a new, second terminal at Oslo Airport. The terminal is being built in order to ensure the airport can handle an anticipated traffic of 28 million passengers a year. It encompasses building new arrival and departure areas, baggage handling facilities, a new pier and aircraft gates.

Since being founded, fifty-two years ago, the Norwegian panel maker has grown into one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electrical switchgear. But winning the sought-after contract for the complex airport terminal project demanded leveraging not only Satema Moelv’s own expertise, but also that of its trusted suppliers, such as Eldon, which is a Satema Moelv supplier for over 20 years.

Secure power distribution

Eldon’s Power System has proved to be the ideal solution to meet tough project criteria for secure power and distribution, in an environment where even a brief failure can have severe consequences.

Power and Distribution enclosures

Ole Halvor Afseth, Electrical Panels & Aluminum Cabinets Manager at Satema Moelv AS, said Eldon’s ‘high quality, competitive pricing and delivery reliability were important in helping us win the competition for the contract’.  Furthermore, Ole Halvor Afseth noted that the contract was the biggest ever won by the company`s department for electrical panels, during its five decades of business, which has seen it involved in numerous large-scale projects around Europe and elsewhere.

Eldon’s solution

After identifying Eldon’s EPS system as the ideal main-switchgear for the Oslo Airport installations, Satema Moelv AS purchased 400 Eldon standard MCS floor-standing enclosures, with a variety of different accessories.

Power and Distribution

Power and Distribution enclosures

Eldon’s MCS – mild steel combinable version, single door enclosure – is the perfect solution for this kind of project, setting new standards when it comes to strength and ease of use,” said Finn Andresen, Eldon’s Area Sales Manager in Norway.