Architect chooses Herschel Infrared heating and PV panels in contemporary renovation project



An architect was seeking a heating solution that would work well for his client’s home renovation project; to transform an existing, older property and turn it into a more modern, contemporary and low energy home. The village does not have mains gas and they would not even consider going with oil so were looking for an electric heating solution. Herschel Inspire and Select XL panels have been installed throughout, both wall and ceiling mounted, with great feedback.

“We’re space heating whole house infrared with hot water connected to PV panels.  The heat feels good from the panels for the brief time we’ve tested.  Looking forward to seeing how they perform this winter!  My clients have been really impressed with the quality and appearance of the panels and are intrigued to feel the heat in the winter.  With the PV installation, insulated cavities, highly insulated roof and new double-glazed windows throughout, I’m sure they’ll work really well”.

Details can be found here http://dld.bz/gdAgz