Taoyuan International Airport MRT


Client:  Siemens - Rail Automation Infrastructure & Cities Sector

Project:  Taoyuan International Airport MRT

Location:  Taipei

Date:  Completion Date December 2015 

The Taoyuan International Airport MRT, is a rapid transit system planned to connect Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, before linking up with the Taoyuan MRT to THSR Taoyuan Station onwards to Zhongli. 

Construction started in 2006 and is scheduled to begin service in December 2015.

The planned route starts from Terminals II of Taoyuan International Airport and extends eastward, passing through Luzhu, Linkou, Guishan, Xinzhuang, Sanchong, and finally terminating in Taipei City. From the airport, it will also extend southward passing by THSR Taoyuan Station before terminating in Zhongli. The route will be 51.03km (31.71 miles) with 7 underground stations, 15 elevated stations and two maintenance depots (Chingpu and Lujhu). 

The elevated track makes up 40.11km (24.92 miles) of the total route length. Upon completion, the line is expected to serve over 143,000 passengers per day. The line will have a maximum operational speed of 100km/h (62mph).