Food Production Warehouse & Office


kettle food

  • LED solution throughout with 100%-10%-0% dimmable control. 100w fittings were supplied in the warehouse and 33w LED panels throughout the offices. 
  • Daylight linking control to maximise savings. 
  • All emergency fittings supplied report back to the tablet allowing accurate fault finding and a reduced maintenance solution. 

An evolving solution….. 

The flexibility of the wireless system has allowed for a number of changes since initial commissioning. The office has been reconfigured so that the majority of fittings are turned off in the evening, during the night shift, to increase the energy savings even further. Only a virtual corridor of luminaires is left on for health and safety reasons. If the offices are required during the night, the settings have been altered so that fittings are illuminated for a shorter period of time. Furthermore, air conditioning units and toilet mirror lights have been linked to the system highlighting the flexibility and bespoke offering EYE-Wi can bring to the end user.