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Why did you opt for Syncbox?

We were faced with the challenge of using a variety of different manufacturers TV's, so each model needed a specific type of bracket. Some TV's needed swing arm and cantilever, some need to be fixed and one needed to be tilted.

Our client is a very prestigious Interior Designer and she was quite specific in not seeing any cables behind the TV's and also having them as close to the wall as possible. From experience, using a standard 47mm double back box inherently gives us problems, especially with TV's that need a fixed bracket, as they mean we have to space the TV from the wall to give us clearance for our cables.

Using a Sync Box heavily reduced the distance between the back of the TV and the wall, allowing the multitude of cables needed to be connected discreetly

What was the main issues with your previous installations without Syncbox?

 We simply did not want to bulk anymore TV’s out from the wall to allow for the connections behind the screen.

 How easy was Syncbox to install in comparison to the previous option?

 Very easy, the back box was as easy to cut into a block wall as a normal double back box. Yes, its bigger, but the unit is extremely well  manufactured and easy to fix. The electrician was all to happy to run his feed to the box and it saved him the hassle of cutting his own box  in. Especially as we had over 10 TV points to install.

 What reaction did you receive from your client?

 Our client was very happy with Sync Box as she was slightly dubious of having too much 'wall acne', which in the past has been a  problem when we have need two back boxes for one TV. Once the cover plate was on the wall, it seemed to disappear. This also made  the plasterers happy as there was no need to pin the cables up out of the way at the plastering stage.

 Most useful feature of Syncbox?

 Without a doubt the ability to change the modules inside the Sync Box and having the ability to use a HDMI, Cat6/LAN, Optical  or Satellite output is so easy. Having the modules recessed means that we have peace of mind when the client wants any type of TV or  bracket, as we know we have the depth behind the TV for any connection.